Prenatal yoga enhances and empowers a woman’s experience of pregnancy and birth on all levels.  Physically, prenatal yoga increases strength and flexibility and can alleviate common prenatal ailments, all while helping a woman to prepare her body for labor and birth. Yoga also encourages a woman to connect with her pregnancy and her baby’s growth as a journey into motherhood. Through this journey, a woman can learn to trust herself, and her connection with the Universe, ultimately feeling more deeply connected with baby. The group setting of prenatal yoga provides a woman with a close-knit community of support, within which resources, questions, concerns and excitements can be shared openly.

Healthy Prenatal Yoga Practice Essentials:

  • Connecting with the breath for support in pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles- Kegel exercises
  • Squatting – strengthens gluteus muscles, supporting overall pelvic floor health
  • Utilizing and strengthening the transverse abdominals
  • Meditating– quiet time to reduce stress and cultivate a more relaxed state in which to connect with baby